luxury campsite at events

Luxury campsite
luxury campsite at events

On a luxury campiste at festivals and sport events, Flexotels places her collapsible hotelrooms. Organisations can offer extra quality and services to her visitors. Besides that, organisations also use create a luxury campsite with Flexotels for its employees. The luxury campsite increases the event experience for the visitors and it also makes sure the organisation doesn't have to worry about the transfer of its employees to an hotel accommodations.

Luxury campsite fitted with every conceivable comfort
The collapsible Flexotels, mainly used on a luxury campsite from different events, are set up in a short time period and have a comfortable and efficient decoration. In a Flexotel room, there is room for a max of two persons. Electricity and light is included and every room comes with bed linen and towels. Besides that every room had its own key, so users can lock it, this is experienced as very positive. After the event the units are easily fold up again and transported.

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