Meet the team


Our dedicated team is eager to create unique experiences. Day and night, hot or cold: we never stop until the work is done. Because we believe that if we do our best, our clients and their guests will notice.

We believe we can make the difference by being ourselves. Because only by being yourselve you can show your strengths.

We make the difference

by being ourselves

Hubert von Heijden

CEO & Founder

Leader of the pack and also known as the Godfather of Glamping. Has been in the business so long that it is said that even Napoleon himself stayed in a Flexotel. A pioneer and always full of ideas. Known for his very bad jokes and his words of wisdom.


Stephanie Lamers

Manager Buying & Planning

Without her we would fail big time. Every project begins and ends with her. Be very kind to Stephanie from mid June till end of July or she will bite. A tireless worker, undiscovered interior design talent and everyone’s favorite girl at the office (we only got one). Even checks on us when she’s on holiday.

(mobile)  T: +31621911710
(office direct) T: +31499216062

Ole Dörlemann

Manager Sales DHCH

Our German Dutchman Ole doesn’t have it easy all the time. Yet he drives 1.5 hours to the office 3 times a week and still gets across the border unnoticed. With his trading experience from motorsport, he is going to ensure that Flexotels becomes the market leader in Germany.

T: +31499216064





Emma Hamers

Manager Sales en Marketing

With Emma, the question is not what she eats tonight, but where. Easy target to fool because she believes almost everything. Socially there is nothing wrong with it so, as our sales and account manager, she likes to make sure all Flexotels end up well.

T: +31499216061

Mark Oosterman

Technical Projectmanager

Our latest teammember and close friend of the Von Heijdens. Drove from LeMans to Defqon.1 in 3 hours to bring keys. Is crazy about fireworks. Doesn’t stop before the work is finished. Fan of Dumpert. One of those guys you need in your team.


Sanne Hermkens

Project manager

This councillor of the municipality of ‘Peel and Maas’ is also seen as the leader of production. As the only woman among the tough guys, still everyone is listening to her. Her secret? Just talk a lot and pretend to know a lot about Formula 1 and soccer. She started as a trainee and now the project manager at Flexotels.


Koen Jager


You shouldn’t have any arguments with this butcher. He knows better than anyone how to slice the knife on both sides, so we are very happy with this all-rounder. He does function better in higher temperatures and a point for logistical planning, chauffeur required when Koen has to go to location….


Tom De Schoenmaeker

Project manager

This hospitality tiger said goodbye to his friend “Pardoes” at the Efteling to work as a project manager by Flexotels. He passed his first festival season with flying colours which is partly due to his scouting skills. Survival in harsh conditions is therefore in his blood.


Lucas Manni

Assistant projectmanager

With his sixth sense, he managed to get ahead of everyone’s thoughts. So you don’t have to explain much to him. For lunch, he eats at least three sausage rolls and two grilled sandwiches and isn’t even full yet. Furthermore, you can recognise him by his bucket hat, nobody knows what’s under there.


Emile Pernot

Assistant project manager

Our newest addition to the production can be described as technical but not that handy. If this will be usefull for us, we have to find out later in the season. This former pizza baker knows his way around. Recently, he has shown that he dives into everything and no project is too crazy for him.


Menno Basting

Assistant project manager




Eat, Shit, Sleep. Repeat.