Meet the team


Our dedicated team is eager to create unique experiences. Day and night, hot or cold: we never stop until the work is done. Because we believe that if we do our best, our clients and their guests will notice.

We believe we can make the difference by being ourselves. Because only by being yourselve you can show your strengths.

We make the difference

by being ourselves

Stephanie Lamers

Manager Buying & Planning

Without her we would fail big time. Every project begins and ends with her. Be very kind to Stephanie from mid June till end of July or she will bite. A tireless worker, undiscovered interior design talent and everyone’s favorite girl at the office (we only got one). Even checks on us when she’s on holiday.

(mobile)  T: +31621911710
(office direct) T: +31499216062

Robbert Mik

Technical Projectmanager

Eats canned tuna every day of the week. As a result he’s the fittest of us all. Keeps on going during the season from Hungary till France and from 6 am till 11 pm. Never has a bad hair day. Also known as Mr. Nice Guy. Loves to travel with his backpack, girlfriend and canned tuna.

T: +31621281780 (mobile)

Hubert von Heijden

CEO & Founder

Leader of the pack and also known as the Godfather of Glamping. Has been in the business so long that it is said that even Napoleon himself stayed in a Flexotel. A pioneer and always full of ideas. Known for his very bad jokes and his words of wisdom.




Eat, Shit, Sleep. Repeat.


Jeroen van Vliet

Manager Marketing & Sales

Literally always speaks about food. Even messages you in the weekend about it. Thinks he’s funny and talks way to much (seriously!). Dedicated teammember that brings postive vibes and fresh ideas. A down to earth guy who’s always in for a laugh.  Need a good bbq recipe? Send him an email.

(office direct) T: +31499216063

Mark Oosterman

Technical Projectmanager

Our latest teammember and close friend of the Von Heijdens. Drove from LeMans to Defqon.1 in 3 hours to bring keys. Is crazy about fireworks. Doesn’t stop before the work is finished. Fan of Dumpert. One of those guys you need in your team.