Camp like a pro!

The Flexotents offer all the comfort you need for your guests. If you’re not looking for hiring the Flexotel or Comfotel this tent will fit your needs. Even if you’re on a tight budget you can provide your guests with just that little extra luxury of a comfortable bed in their tent.

You can stand in our tent

Our clients like our tent because of it’s space. It’s dimensions of 240x240x280 makes it possible to stand in. And gives you enough space to move around. Furthermore it’s easy and quick to build. And with more than 50 tents on one truck a perfect ‘low-budget’ option.

Enjoy a comfy bed

Each tent comes with 2 made beds, a towel, light, clothing storage and electricity (1 socket). In a word, a very comfortable tent. Besides the single beds there is also an option of bunkbeds. Check out the exact dimensions and specifications here.


Interested in hiring our Flexotents? Please contact us with an enquiry or your event plans and we are happy to provide you with a personalized quote to meet your requirements.