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Never seen before. The first foldable hotelroom in the world.


20 rooms on 1 truck

We are able to transport large numbers in little time. Safe on cost of transport!


Plug & Play

Our accommodations are fully furnished and can be deployed within minutes

Flexotels – The solution for temporary accommodation since 2008

Flexotels is your dedicated partner when it comes to renting temporary accommodation at events. With over 14 years of experience, we have seen the market grow and can call ourselves specialists in transport, time management and production. With more than 50 international events and 10,000 satisfied guests every year, we know the tricks of the trade.


The Flexotel, the foldable room where the ‘Flexotels adventure’ begins. It’s fully furnished and offers your guests a comfortable and pleasant stay.


Surprise your guests with a unique glamping experience! Our modern and colorful Comfotels are equipped with a shower, toilet and basin and provided all necessary comforts.


The Flexstudio is the same size as the Flexotel. Enough space inside and with its own bathroom and kitchenette. The living area still offers enough space for a bed or sofa. Ideal when you need living space for a longer period of time.


The Room45 offers luxury and comfort at the highest level. The 45 foot sea container has 5 separate bedrooms each with their own bathroom with toilet.

Our ‘Short Stay Solutions’, known as Comfotels, Flexotels and Room45 are used in many major events throughout Europe.

Why choose Flexotels?

  • International experience
  • Turn-key delivery
  • Over 600 rooms and 85 Room45
  • Certified and international experienced staff
  • Short time hire, so no high investment costst
  • The units are furnished with two single made beds , two chairs, a table, storage for clothes and power sockets
  • Electricity and light are available in the room
  • Each room is naturally ventilated
  • The walls are isolated, sound protected and fire-retardant

Festival Village with 300 rooms!

Check out our promo video and see how quick and efficient our portable accommodation can be deployed. This festival village was build in less than 4 days and over 1.000 people stayed in one of our 300 rooms.

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