Music festivals

Our temporary accommodations are being used at major festivals all over Europe. From Sziget Festival in Hungary to Tomorrowland in Belgium. A festival campsite will never be the same with our luxury Flexotels, Flexotents or Comfotels.

Sport events

24H Le Mans and F1 GP Austria are just some of the big sport events that use our pop-up rooms for their fan-village or campsite. A perfect way to provide your (business) guests with a comfortable experience close to the action.  

Corporate events

Organizing a corporate event and there is no or not enough accommodation nearby? Create a comfortable pop-up hotel on site with our foldable rooms. Or ever thought about your own corporate festival with luxury campsite?

Crew accommodations

Numerous suppliers and production companies use our temporary accommodations for their crew. Why? Because it has a lot of benefits. Especially when you are providing 24H emergency service and don’t have to worry about traffic jams.

Seasonal workers

Within the farming and agricultural sector our temporary accommodations are a perfect solution for seasonal workers. Because of our turn-key delivery (with made beds) we can provide the comfort they need.