About us

Flexotels – Short Stay Solutions is an innovative manufacturing and rental company of temporary accommodation. Mainly for music, sports and business events. The company was founded by Hubert von Heijden, aiming to develop a variety of flexible accommodation facilities that can be placed at any location, at any time.
The idea of creating flexible accommodation with a higher comfort level was born in 2005. But it took until 2007 before a first prototype was made. The challenge to produce a product that could be transported in large numbers was bigger than initially thought. After the first prototype a second was made in 2008. The company Flexotels was also founded that year and started at an office in Eindhoven (NL).

In 2009 Flexotels was officially launched and 22 rooms were made. Because of all the free publicity, for such an innovative product, enquiries from all over Europe and the rest of the world were made. This resulted in the first events in 2010. Events like Tomorrowland, 24H Le Mans, Lowlands and Zwarte Cross were the first that offered, what is known now as Glamping, to their guests. 

From 2010 till 2016 our stock grew more and more and contained around 350 rooms. And because we’re an innovative company and due to clients demand for more comfort we launched a new accommodation that took glamping to another level. In 2016 the Comfotel was launched. The first foldable accommodation with toilet and shower. 

Nowadays we do business all over Europe and provide every year more than 10.000 guests with a comfy bed during a festival, sportevent or wherever a good night of sleep is needed. And there is more to come, because we keep on innovating!

Meet the team

Our dedicated team is eager to create unique experiences. Day and night, hot or cold: we never stop until the work is done. Because we believe that if we do our best, our clients and their guests will notice.

We believe we can make the difference by being ourselves. Because only by being yourselve you can show your strengths.

We make the difference

by being ourselves 

Hubert von Heijden

CEO & Founder

Leader of the pack and also known as the Godfather of Glamping. Has been in the business so long that it is said that even Napoleon himself stayed in a Flexotel. A pioneer and always full of ideas. Known for his very bad jokes and his words of wisdom.

E: hubert@flexotels.com

Hans van Keulen


Hans is an old friend of Flexotels. In the past, he made Europe unsafe with his productions because he never says ‘no’ to a nice project. To be honest we are still angry that he left us, so we are secretly happy to have him back. Sssst don’t tell him! Hans has been allowed to develop by other companies over the past few years and now he will show us his new values.

E: hans@flexotels.com
T: +314992160620

Stéphanie Lamers 

Manager Buying & Planning

Our rock, without Stephanie we could close the tent. Every project starts and ends with her. At times she seems like an oracle, as she knows the right answer to everything. Be patient and sweet with her in the months of May to August, when it is high season and she can bite… But a real sweetheart

E: stephanie@flexotels.com
T: +31499216064

Emma Hamers

Manager Sales and Marketing

Our Emma is the hospitality queen at Flexotels. She understands better than anyone how to fulfill client’s needs, even if the client doesn’t think of it himself. Call it a sixth sense. With an extensive background in hospitality and travel, Emma is the right lady in the right place and can give you the best advice.

E: emma@flexotels.com
T: +31499216061

Mark Oosterman

Senior Projectmanager

Mark started as a junior project manager in 2018 and quickly closed Flexotels in his heart. He now runs our most prestigious projects. With his helicopter view, he keeps an eye on everything and everyone and always sees space for a (good) joke somewhere. Besides that, he is one of the pillars of Flexotels which is partly due to his unprecedented drive to make it a success.

E: mark@flexotels.com

Sanne Hermkens

Senior Project manager

This councillor of the municipality of ‘Peel and Maas’ is the link between office and operations. She works in both departments and does so with heart and soul. In the off-season, she co-stars in work preparation, but do you want to see Sanne shine? Then you should see her in the summer months, as that’s when she works on productions, her natural habitat.

E: sanne@flexotels.com

Tom De Schoenmaeker

Project manager

Our Tom is right at home at Flexotels. He passed his first season succesfully. Without complaining, Tom travels all over Europe to make sure everything is going well. With his experience gained in scouting, we have a real survival specialist in our middle. Which can be quite handy when we need to place our products in the middle of nowhere without facilities.

E: tom@flexotels.com

Lucas Manni

Junior Projectmanager

If anyone is a good fit at Flexotels it is our Lucas. Lucas started his career at Flexotels as an intern. We quickly took Lucas into our hearts and decided for him to stay with us. With Lucas, the Flexotels DNA is coursing through his veins. Lucas loves adventure, travelling but above all working hard without shouting or whining, therefore he is a true Flexotels ambassador.

E: lucas@flexotels.com

Emile Pernot

Junior Projectmanager

Emile completed his first season perfectly at Flexotels. He can call himself a specialist for our Room45 units and that says something about him. Emile is curious and extremely eager to learn, which are good qualities to grow at Flexotels. In addition, he even makes Albert Einstein blush with his thinking skills, so with Emile on our team we are on fire!

E: emile@flexotels.com

Menno Basting

Junior Projectmanager

When you see Menno working, you quickly ask how many cups of coffee this man has had. However, this qualified barista does not like coffee at all. That’s what we call work ethic! Menno has a lot of experience within the event industry and hospitality sector and is happy to share his experiences with us. Menno has survived his first festival season at Flexotels and is very much looking forward to the next one.

E: menno@flexotels.com

Sprock Flexotels

Iris Driessen

Junior Projectmanager

Our Iris prefers being outdoors in nature and is therefore enjoying herself at Flexotels. For the past seven years, she lived like a goddess in France and enjoyed the outdoor life there. Having returned to the Netherlands, we now get to benefit from her positivity, sociability and responsibility. Don’t make good jokes in her presence, because her laughter will haunt you all the way to France.

E: iris@flexotels.com


Want to know more?

Further information regarding our different types of accommodations:

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Interested in one of our accommodations or curious about the possibilities? Request a free quote here, or ask for advice from one of our colleagues.