About us

Flexotels – Short Stay Solutions is an innovative manufacturing and rental company of temporary accommodation. Mainly for music, sports and business events. The company was founded by Hubert von Heijden, aiming to develop a variety of flexible accommodation facilities that can be placed at any location, at any time.

The idea of creating flexible accommodation with a higher comfort level was born in 2005. But it took until 2007 before a first prototype was made. The challenge to produce a product that could be transported in large numbers was bigger than initially thought. After the first prototype a second was made in 2008. The company Flexotels was also founded that year and started at an office in Eindhoven (NL).

In 2009 Flexotels was officially launched and 22 rooms were made. Because of all the free publicity, for such an innovative product, enquiries from all over Europe and the rest of the world were made. This resulted in the first events in 2010. Events like Tomorrowland, 24H Le Mans, Lowlands and Zwarte Cross were the first that offered, what is known now as Glamping, to their guests. 

From 2010 till 2016 our stock grew more and more and contained around 350 rooms. And because we’re an innovative company and due to clients demand for more comfort we launched a new accommodation that took glamping to another level. In 2016 the Comfotel was launched. The first foldable accommodation with toilet and shower. 

Nowadays we do business all over Europe and provide every year more than 10.000 guests with a comfy bed during a festival, sportevent or wherever a good night of sleep is needed. And there is more to come, because we keep on innovating!

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Further information regarding our different types of accommodations:
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– Flexstudio

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