Corporate events

Take it outside

Organizing a corporate festival or want to give your employees a once in a lifetime experience near a music festival or sport event? Our portable accommodations are the perfect solution. We can deploy them wherever you want and when you want it. From 20 guests up to a village of 500.

How can we help?

Our portable units can be deployed quickly and efficiently. And can be operational within a couple of hours, including a turn-key delivery! With over 10 years of experience in the event sector we know how things work. But most of all, we listen to our clients to ensure a great experience for their guests.

Turn-key delivery

We provide a turn-key delivery with made beds and all the extra comfort. Our colourful Comfotels even come with private sanitary. And with over 400 rooms in stock we can accommodate groups of 1000 people or even more. Perfect if you want to take your corporate event to the next level. Check out our specifications.

Corporate event cases

Over the years we’ve done some pretty amazing corporate events at various locations. Our temporary accommodations have been deployed inside hangars at airports, in the woods, in the middel of a racetrack and even in a cornfield!