Frequently asked questions

What are the specifications of a Flexotel?

One Flexotel unit contains 2 rooms with separate lockable doors.

  • 1 Flexotel room is 3 x 2,40 meters
  • 1 unit (2 Flexotel rooms) is 6 x 2.44 x 2.50 meters and weighs 1800 kilos
  • The stack height of 5 folded units including 4 twist locks is 2.75 meters
  • 10 units (or 20 Flexotel rooms) fit on one truck for transportation
  • Total size needed per room: 15 m²
What are the specifications of a Comfotel?
  • Outside dimensions are: 3,9 by 2,4 metres (9.4m2)
  • Inside dimensions of the bathroom: 0,8 by 2 metres (1.6m2)
  • Inside dimensions of the room: 2,75 by 2,3 metres (6,3m2)
  • The required surface per Comfotel is approximately 20m2
  • One truck can transport 8 Comfotels at once
  • The weight of one Comfotel is 1500kg
What are the specifications of a Flexotent?
  • 1 Flexotent is 2.40 x 2,40 meters;
  • Total size needed per tent: 6 m²;
  • 50 Flexotels fit on one lorry for transportation
Are the accommodations furnished?

All our accommodations (Comfotel, Flexotel and Flexotent) have a turn-key delivery. See below.

A room or tent contains:
– 2 box-spring beds and 2 mattresses (70cmx200cm);
– Beds are made up including 2 towels;
– 2 poweroutlets;
– Storage cabinets;
– 2 chairs and 1 table (Exclusively for Flexotels and Comfotels);
– 2 keys and numbering per room (Exclusively for Flexotels and Comfotels);
– Bathroom including shower and toilet (Exclusively for Comfotels).

Are the accommodations lockable?

The Flexotels and Comfotels are lockable. For Flexotents it’s possible to bring your own padlock

What power supply is needed?

 All of our Flexotels and Comfotels come with a 32 Amp 5CEE(3F, N, PE) cable and we can daisy chain them together. One electric connection is needed per 40 Flexotel rooms or 10 Comfotels. If we apply heaters in the rooms, we need a connection per 18 rooms or 4 Comfotels.

Which drainage connections are needed for the Comfotel?

Our Comfotel comes with a toilet, sink and shower.

  • For water input, there is one direct connection with a Gardena nipple for a ½” (13mm) tube or a flexible connection with a GeKa coupling, per Comfotel required;

  • Maximum consumption = 6 litres per minute and 300 litres per day per Comfotel;

  • The sewage connection consists of a flexible hose with a connector with a diameter of 40mm with inside thread, which is directly attached to the Comfotel.
Are the units also available as 3 or 4 persons unit ?

Yes, it’s possible to stay in the Flexotel or Flexotent with 3 or 4. A 3 or 4 personsroom comes with bunkbed(s). It’s not possible to stay in the Comfotel with 3 or 4 persons.

What is the minimum hire period?

You can rent our products for 1 day. But we have a minimum charge of a week hire. 

Is there a minimum order of rooms?

No there is not. But price per room will be cheaper when ordered by full transport (20 Flexotelrooms or 8 Comfotels or 50 Flexotents).

What is delivery time?

This depends on time of year and availability. During festival season our accommodations are sold out most of the weekends. If units are available we can deliver within a day’s notice.

Can units double stack?

Yes they can. But because of the risk we do not stack them.

How many units can be build in one day?

This depends on the terrain and the weather conditions. We can build op to 150 Flexotelrooms or 33 Comfotels a day.

What are requirements for deployment?

We build our Flexotels with a hiab and our Comfotels and Flexotents by hand. A forklift is needed to unload the trucks. Depending on the terrain trackway is needed. 

Is there a pricelist?

We always make a customized offer. This because of aspects like location (transport), duration, time of year and number of units.

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