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​Flexotels has established itself as a pioneer in providing comfortable accommodation in remote locations. Since the launch of our first Flexotel in 2008, we have continuously strived for the expansion and enhancement of our offerings. As part of our ongoing evolution, we introduced the Comfotel a few years ago, a groundbreaking foldable accommodation with toilet and shower, setting a new standard in delivering comfort and convenience even in the most remote locations.


In 2022, we were proud to introduce two new product lines: the Flexstudios and Room45. These latest additions to our range have been designed to offer ultimate flexibility and luxury for long-term stays on location. Featuring amenities such as a private bathroom and a kitchenette, the Flexstudios and Room45 provide an unparalleled experience for both business and leisure purposes.

The Flexotel the foldable room where the ‘Flexotels adventure’ begins. It’s fully furnished and offers your guests a comfortable and pleasant stay.

Surprise your guests with a unique glamping experience! Our modern and colorful Comfotel are equipped with a shower, toilet and basin and provided all necessary comforts.

The Flexstudio is the same size as the Flexotel. Enough space inside and with its own bathroom and kitchenette. The living area still offers enough space for a bed or sofa. Ideal when you need living space for a longer period of time.


The Room45 offers luxury and comfort at the highest level. The 45 foot sea container has 5 separate bedrooms each with their own bathroom with toilet.


With our continuous pursuit of quality and customer satisfaction, we continue to develop our range to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Whether delivering comfortable accommodation for events, construction projects, or other special occasions, Flexotels is ready to meet your needs and make your stay at any location as enjoyable as possible. Contact us today to discover how Flexotels can enhance your next project or event with our high-quality accommodation and excellent service.

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With over 10 years of experience in the international event sector we can provide the quality you’re looking for. For your business event, crew-members or festival guests.