Music festivals

Upgrade your festival campsite

If you’re looking for hiring glamping for your festival campsite you’ve come to the right adress. Choose from our Flexotel, Comfotel or Flexstudio to provide your guests with that little bit of extra luxury. A spacious tent with a real bed or a luxury cabin with toilet and shower. We have got it all!

We make your life easy

Our main objective is to always relieve our clients. That’s why we have a turn-key delivery. We only need to know where to build and we take care of the rest! Site check, logistics, cleaning, 24h service etc. With over 10 years of international experience in eventmanagement we can say that we know how things work!

Create a complete village

With over 500 rooms in stock we’re able to build a complete village. And because of their foldability (20 rooms ; 1 transport) we manage to set up within a limited timeframe. Creating a complete village with luxury facilities like hottubs, included breakfast or even a pool can take your festival campsite to the next level!   

Music festival cases

Over the years our Flexotels have been deployed at major festivals throughout Europe. Every year more than 10.000 people enjoy a comfy bed on their favourite festival. We’re very proud to make that happen every year.


Over 500 Weekend Warriors stay in one of our 250 DeLuxe Cabins (Flexotels) at the Comfort Camping. 


A total of 285 rooms make sure that their visitors can enjoy a comfortable bed at night

Wacken Open Air

“The Moshtel” contains 250 Flexotel rooms and offers quite some luxury for the guests.

Want to know more?

Interested in one of our accommodations or curious about the possibilities? 

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