Extra services


To create extra customer experience you can brand our accomodations in the style of your event or brand. In the desired look and feel from the outside, but also from the inside. Printed duvets and/or backwalls or a complete facade on the outside. We can fix it all!

Making your life easier

Flexotels is an experienced partner you can rely on. We can help with total production! Designing the site and bring in our network of experienced eventsuppliers (water, sanitary, electricity, fencing, decor, etc) to create a top notch event. Check our cases here.

Upgrade your stay

A cup of coffee or tea for your guests or even a cold beer. We can upgrade your room with a mini fridge and many other extra’s to create extra comfort during their stay. We aim to provide a full hotel experience onsite for your guests or crew.

Extra services

Flexotels is your partner when it comes to creating a unique outdoor experience. Check out our cases to see what we are capable of.