FlexVisit visiting cabin

It seems a while ago but the Corona pandemic has kept us for over 2 years. From complete lockdowns, mouth caps, little socialising and, of course, festivals and events that could not go ahead. A tough start of 2020 for Flexotels but by putting our heads together, the Flexvisit was soon conceived!

The FlexVisit visiting booth has been specially developed for healthcare institutions. This makes it possible for residents to receive visits during the corona crisis.

What is a FlexVisit?

The FlexVisit visiting cabin is a unit with two separate entrances and a transparent middle wall. This makes it possible for you to have personal and visual contact with someone else (family member in care institution, client, etc.) without physically coming into contact with each other. See photos later on this page.


  • Perfect solution for secure communication on location
  • Perfect solution to allow meetings to take place safely
  • Multi-purpose, for care centres, but also other business users
  • Flexible placement on your site



  • Has two lockable entries at each end of the unit
  • There is a (radio) voice connection between both rooms
  • Electricity and light available
  • The walls are insulated, soundproof and fire retardant.
  • The size of the total unit is 6 x 2.4m (20ft x 8ft). The rooms are each 3m x 2,4m (10ft x 8ft).

The FlexVisit in the media

Our visiting booth was covered by regional, national and international media. Below an overview of a number of media coverages:

From Festival Cabins to family contact – Dutch firm gets the old out of isolation (Reuters)

Inside festivals cabins adapted to let Dutch care home residents see their family (Daily Telegraph)


Why Flexotels?

✔ More than 10 years of international experience

✔ More than 200 visiting units in stock

✔ Turn-key delivery

✔ Certified and experienced staff

✔ Easy and quick to install on site



1. What are de specifications of a FlexVisit?

A FlexVisit contains 2 separate rooms separated by a transparent wall. Each room has its own entrance.

  • 1 FlexVisit room is 3 x 2,40 meter (10ft x 8ft)
  • 1 complete FlexVisit unit  is 6 x 2.44 x 2.50 meter (20ft x 8ft x 8ft) and weighs 1800 kilo
  • Because of it’s foldability 10 units can be transported on 1 truck
  • Space required for 1 FlexVisit unit: 36 m²
2. Which power supply is needed?
All our FlexVisit units have a 32 Amp 5CEE (3F, N, PE) cable that we can link together.
3. Is there a price list?
We always make a tailor-made offer. Price depends on location and quantities.

Photo’s of the FlexVisit

In the meantime, FlexVisit visiting containers have been placed at several locations. Here you can see some pictures from inside and outside.


If you are interested in the FlexVisit visiting booth, please fill in the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible. Please fill in the form as completely as possible.